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Why Choose Wool

Why choose wool

Wool makes an ideal bedding material and provides..
- lightness and comfort all year round

- insulation: the greater the fill weight, the warmer the duvet

- relief from allergies and a natural resistance to dustmites

- a microclimate to suit you: warm in winter and cool in summer.

- the transfer of moisture away from your skin, helping maintain an even body temperature throughout the night

- a deeper and more restful sleep

Wool is the natural choice for the future as it is renewable, sustainable, 100% natural and biodegradable. It is also fire resistant.

Sleeping under a wool duvet reduces discomfort and movement, which in turn leads to a reduced heart rate. This results in a deeper, calmer sleep. Overall, users of pure wool bedding can experience upto 800 hours of better sleep per year!
Lack of sleep hampers the immune system and impairs speech, memory, intellectual development and innovative thinking.

The Otago region has the hottest summers and coldest winters in New Zealand. It provides the perfect climate and landscape to produce some of the whitest, finest and cleanest natural wool in the world.

Our wool bedding products are made using a combination of New Zealand high country Merino wool (a 10cm long fleece of fine dense wool) and wool from lower level sheep such as Corriedale and Romney (which have stronger, thicker fleeces).